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35 weeks ago


I set up a new event (a camp) for which I wanted to get an idea of numbers. I sent out the invitation and some Scouts and a couple of leaders said yes, a few said no, and some are still set as invited.
Now I have set up a payment schedule for the deposit for this camp, and added it to the event. However this column within the event was blank. I had to put the cursor into the Attending column of each Scout and then it changed the payment column to "Payment Required" or "Payment Not Required" for those who had replied as Yes or No. But I also clicked into the Attending field for my own name, which then set my status to Payment Required and I received an e-mail requesting payment, even though I'm set up as a leader.
I have some questions.
1. When setting up an event and sending invitations before adding a payment schedule, is there a way to add the payment schedule to the event without having to go into and out of each record, and without the leaders being asked to pay?
Any Suggestion Would be appreciate.

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