Crappykoreabot Admin replied

441 weeks ago

I will be running 1-100 at least twice.

If you need anything specific from certain floors let me know in this thread so I can schedule a few specific floor runs multiple times till we get what we need.

Moonblade - Askar(0/5) Goliard (1/5)

Starblade - Askar(0/5)

Arneolaf - A/G/D - ?

Wynnia - A/G/D - ?

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Moonblade replied

441 weeks ago

I'd like to complete Askar (0/5) and Goliard (1-feet/5)

Prefer to obtain Askar body and head first.

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing

Starblade replied

441 weeks ago

Still on floor 21 so i need to get in on climbs and some askar!!

Cyruxx Default replied

441 weeks ago

floor 1 ; ;

Wynnia replied

441 weeks ago

I'm floor 100 with around 15,000 points.
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