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The incentive system is designed so that members who have already completed content that we offer, but choose to help members who haven't finished it will earn incentive points.

This point system is fairly simple, show up for scheduled events.

Right now we are offering three things as rewards:

**SMN Burn Leech**

You can relinquish points to earn a spot as a leech.

**Lot Priority**

We will be doing various xNMs (BCNM/SCNM/KSNM You get the idea).

**Custom Events**

A member can choose to contact a sackholder and have us setup a special LS wide event just for you!

**Okay cool now how much does everything cost?**

Points will be deducted after the event is complete.
(This is to make sure we can come through on the event.)

SMN Burn Leeching - 10 points

Lot Priority (xNMs Only) - 15 points *1

Custom Events - 15points *2

*1 15 points is a flat rate that will be required to engage in lotting. If you lose the lot you won't lose your points.

*2 Custom events will have a flat rate of 15 points and will be judged by sacks if the cost should be increased depending on what members want. Custom events are designed to be events for the WHOLE linkshell. If we are unable to finish the event points will not be deducted.

**The reward costs are subject to change until we hit the sweet spot with points gain/points spent.**

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